Class Schedule & fees

class cost is $425 for students under the age of 18

1. Are there any hidden fees or additional payment besides the $425?  

No..there are no hidden fees or additional payments....its a flat $425while seats last. ($5  additional processing fee for credit or debit payments)

2. Are you certified by the state?

Yes we are...please check out our licensing at the Department of Licensing.

3. How large are the classes?

on average we have 25-30 students per enrollment

4. Can I reserve a seat by calling in?

No, you must make full payment at time of reservation. Seats are on a first come first serve basis.

5. Any discounts for multi sign ups?

No, our promotional special is rock bottom.

6. How many actual drives does my kid get?

Every student receives 30 hours in class study and 6 actual drives behind the wheel.

7. Can I transfer this savings to your Lakewood location?

No, the offer is only valid at our Shelton School.

8. when does class start?

classes start every Monday - Wed. Sign up is every Monday.


START                 END            TIME            PRICE

01/10                                      4-6pm          $425
02/10                                      4-6pm          $425
03/10                                      4-6pm          $425

January class :                 please call our office

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If you are enrolling in our special payment must be made at time of registration in full.
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We accept all major credit and debit cards!

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